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🤖 Your Personal AI in WhatsApp

💬 Talk with AI: ChatGPT, Bard (Google) and ⏳ Claude (Anthropic)

🎨 Become an artist using the best AI image generation tools

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No credit card needed. Just text #ciel 💬

The AI WhatsApp assistant 🎙️

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    Connect 📱

    No other app needed. Ciel is working directly on WhatsApp, you just have to forward your voice and it'll do the rest !

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    Choose Your Mode 🚀

    Pick your preferred chat mode - chat, artist, translator, or scribe. Each mode offers a unique way to leverage the power of AI in your everyday life.

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    Interact 💬

    Interact using voice or text, and receive responses in the same way. Use emojis to quickly command Ciel for tasks like translation and summarization.

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    Unleash AI powers 🤖

    Dive into an enriching conversation with our AI, generate bespoke AI art from existing pictures, or create your own masterpiece from scratch. Let the magic unfold.

Discover Ciel's magic ✨

⚡️ Productivity

Elevate your productivity with Ciel's chat and scribe modes. Manage tasks, transcribe voice messages, and summarize texts all within your WhatsApp chats.

🎨 Creativity

Unleash your creativity with Ciel's artist mode. Generate unique AI art through text, voice, or by referencing an existing image. Style your creations using various presets

🧠 Knowledge

Expand your knowledge with Ciel's chat and translator modes. Learn new languages, discover places, or dive into new topics with AI-driven learning.

🔒 Security

Experience the power of AI on the platform you already use - WhatsApp. Your conversations are end-to-end encrypted ensuring your privacy.
Hey there! I'm Maël, the developper behind Ciel. In a world where AI seems complex and distant, Ciel is here to bridge the gap and make AI a seamless part of your everyday life. With a focus on three key pillars - productivity, creativity, and kn [...] read more
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Founder of ciel.chat

Unlock AI's power ⚡️

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to install any additional software or apps to use Ciel?

No, there is no need for additional installations. Ciel works directly within WhatsApp, providing a seamless experience without the need for extra apps or software. ⚡️

How can Ciel enhance my knowledge?

Ciel’s chat and translator modes enable you to learn new languages, discover places, and dive into new topics with AI-driven learning. It's like having a personal tutor in your pocket.

How can Ciel improve my productivity?

Ciel’s chat and scribe modes can help manage tasks, transcribe voice messages, and summarize texts, all within your WhatsApp chats. This saves time and effort, thereby boosting your productivity.

How can Ciel boost my creativity?

Ciel’s artist mode allows you to create unique AI-generated art through text, voice, or by referencing an existing image. You can style your creations using various presets, unlocking endless creative possibilities