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A glimps of Ciel features

1. Chat with AI

Welcome to a new way of communicating - with AI! With Ciel, you can chat using either text or voice. Whether you're typing a question or just speaking out loud, Ciel is ready to respond. And it doesn't stop there. Ciel can give you its responses in the way you prefer: as a text message or a voice note. Isn't that cool? Your new AI friend operates with the power of ChatGPT and Bard models. These are designed to understand and interact with you as efficiently and meaningfully as possible. Let's consider your day-to-day life. Ever had a thought and wished you could bounce it off someone? Well, with Ciel, you can do that. Just chat with it about your idea. Or perhaps you're studying for a test and want to explain a concept to make sure you've got it. Speak it out, and Ciel will confirm or correct. You can even ask Ciel to tell you a story or write a poem to entertain you or your kids. You see, it's not just about AI; it's about making your life more comfortable and more fun.

2. Images

Remember when we said Ciel could help you create? Well, buckle up, because Ciel is about to take your creativity to a whole new level. Powered by DALL·E and StableDiffusion, Ciel lets you create new images in more ways than you can imagine. Suppose you're a writer, and you're thinking about the cover of your next book. Just describe it to Ciel, and voila, you'll have a visual representation of your thoughts in no time. Or let's say you have a picture you like, but you wish to transform it into a different style or theme? Ciel has got you covered. Want to restore an old, low-resolution photo? Send it to Ciel, and it will upscale it for you. And guess what, you can even get Ciel to generate new images from your voice! We've also added presets that can help you create art in specific styles. Want a Neon-punk themed image? No problem! The world of AI-powered creativity is at your fingertips.

3. Voice

Voice is a powerful tool, and with Ciel, we're harnessing it to offer you an experience like no other. Speak to Ciel as if it's your friend. Use your voice to ask questions, get explanations, and even generate art! Imagine being able to speak your mind and having that translated into a beautiful image. Yes, that's possible with Ciel. But that's not all. Ciel can also respond to you in voice. Whether you prefer reading replies or listening to them, we've got you covered. This feature can be incredibly handy when you're on the move and don't have the time to read through text. Just play the voice note, and you're good to go! And so, we present to you Ciel - your AI friend who's ready to chat, create, and converse, all through your favorite messaging app. Here's to making your everyday life a bit more magical!