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Maël H.

Solo Founder of ciel.chat
Hey there! I'm Maël, the developper behind Ciel. In a world where AI seems complex and distant, Ciel is here to bridge the gap and make AI a seamless part of your everyday life. With a focus on three key pillars - productivity, creativity, and knowledge - Ciel empowers you to unlock your true potential. 🌟
Productivity: Imagine a chat conversation where you can effortlessly communicate with Ciel using both voice and text. Get instant answers, transcribe voice messages with a simple forward, or translate text messages with a quick tap. With Ciel, productivity knows no bounds. Access AI anytime, anywhere, and even create stunning AI-generated images from simple text or existing visuals. ✨
Creativity: Enter the realm of infinite possibilities. Unleash your artistic side by engaging with Ciel, your AI artist extraordinaire. Simply send a text or even a voice message, and watch as Ciel brings your imagination to life. Experiment with unique presets like origami or neon-punk, explore endless image variations, or use an existing image as a reference to create something entirely new. And don't forget, with a simple heart emoji ❤️, you can upscale low-resolution images to their full glory. 🎨
Knowledge: Expand your horizons and tap into the vast realm of knowledge. Engage with Ciel through voice interactions and receive insightful responses. Discover new languages, explore new places, and immerse yourself in the wonders of learning. Let Ciel be your guide as you navigate the world and embrace the joy of discovery. 🌍📚
With Ciel, I aim to bring you a tool that truly enriches your life. I believe in the transformative power of AI and its ability to simplify complexity. Join me on this extraordinary journey and experience a new level of empowerment. Together, let's unlock the untapped potential within you. 🚀
Hope you'll enjoy Ciel's use 🚀